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Inspiration Blooms at Blumen Haus Florist

November 6, 2023

Blumen Haus Florist shop

Lynda Walter has dreamed of owning her own flower shop since her youth. After spending much of her professional career working in health care and raising five children, her dream is finally coming true.

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In May, Lynda opened The Blumen Haus Florist on Main Street, Prattsville. The shop is named in honor of her late father, Hermann Brockmann’s German heritage.

Items A“My dad was a big advocate of me starting my own business because he knew how much I loved it,” Lynda said. “He was a big inspiration for me. I wanted to make him proud.”

CandlesLynda’s interest in floral design began when she was 17, drying flowers and creating wreaths at farms near her childhood home in Rotterdam.

“I just love to create something that will brighten someone’s day,” she said.

With unique floral arrangements for every occasion – weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and more – Blumen Haus is off to a great start, Lynda said, adding that the local community has been very supportive.

While Blumen Haus is currently a one-woman show, Lynda would like to expand and add more members to her team. She would also like to offer decorating services to businesses, and to get more involved in the community.

“This has been my dream forever, and I finally decided it’s time to jump in with both feet” Lynda said. “I’m happy I did.”

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