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Glen Falls House: Revitalization Creates a 4-Season Destination in Round Top, NY

October 17, 2018

Glen Falls House

In May of 2017, Jonathan Pico and Greg Brier were on a mission: Revitalize a 130-year-old farmstead (turned Catskill Mountain Boarding House in the 1940s) into a new destination while preserving the classic charm and energy of the space, creating an excellent experience for guests and providing exceptional service.

Established in 1881 as the Ernst family farm, Glen Falls House has a long and storied history in the Round Top, NY resort community. In the 1940s the farmland was converted into a boarding house by the Sulger family. The Sulgers developed it into a full resort over the decades to follow, adding a pool, tavern, shuffleboard courts, tennis courts, and additional guest quarters.

Vintage vinyl, rooms keys & collateral

Step inside today, and you’ll find completely updated guest amenities with thoughtful design elements incorporating the best of what a Catskill Mountain Vacation felt like during its vintage heyday of the mid-twentieth century.

The Glen Falls House experience begins the minute you approach the grounds as you travel up through the Hearts Content toward Round Top, and turn left onto Winter Clove Road.  As you come around the glen, your destination spans both sides of the rural byway, surrounded by trees and streams, with a view of Blackhead Mountain.

You’ve Arrived. What to do first?

You can check in, of course. But if you want a chance to relax, make your first stop the quintessential Catskill Mountain Tavern across the road.

Tavern 3 up

Inside you can cozy up by the hearth with your favorite libation and take in the fully restored interior, complete with knotty pine woodwork, vintage tables, darts & games, and a legacy bar pool table ready for action.

With so many things to do, you’d better start by enjoying something from Trotwood Restaurant, a carefully-sourced-from-scratch-comfort-food kitchen with tastes to please any palate.


Better drop off your stuff in your room and get started.

The Glen Falls House, in classic boarding-house style, give you three choices for overnight accommodations on the premises. The Main House features 17 Guest rooms above the Trotwood. For more privacy, you and your friends can take over a Cottage or line up in the adjacent classic Motels with a total of 25 more rooms.

Bedroom, cottage and motel

With backgrounds in hospitality, music and event production and an appreciation for history, Greg and Jon are dedicated to making your trip to the Great Northern Catskill Mountains the best it can be.

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