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Salon 255: A Flair for Small Business Expansion

May 15, 2015

Spring Kelsey, owner of Salon 255 and the Creative Studio of Dance in Coxsackie, is a successful small business-owner who expanded operation through a Quantum Fund Loan and Microenterprise Assistance Program grant. Prior to opening Salon 255 Ltd, she applied her talents in Greenville for 19 years, first as an employee of Hair-Tique Salon, and then as owner and operator of the business for the next 16 years. But the purchase of the Coxsackie building proved instrumental in her business’s expansion.

“After establishing, over the years, a fantastic clientele base,” Kelsey explained, “I knew I was ready to purchase real estate, expand, and to be able to increase my staff and host much larger hair events.” She wasn’t necessarily looking to change townships, but the Coxsackie space best suited her business needs. “I knew I wanted a commercial free standing building with some land and parking. When the 4000 square foot Masonic Lodge went for sale I envisioned a beautiful salon. Everything seemed to fall into place.” Moving brought its challenges, and unexpected rewards. “The dance studio was a thought but not part of my original plan. Although I knew I would like to dedicate that space to focus on some kind fitness.”

The location for her business expansion was critical to Kelsey in that she want to stay in the county. “To me there is no better place to own a business than in Greene County. The support from other businesses and the community is like no other.” Kelsey received a $60,000 Quantum Fund Loan to assist with the building purchase in Coxsackie, and a $15,000 grant/$10,000 loan combination in the Microenterprise Assistance Program for the Creative Studio addition downstairs. Both projects met their job goals.

What’s going on at the Creative Studio? They recently hosted an advanced HIP HOP Workshop with a special guest artist Mr. Kid. They are also looking forward to a dance recital in May held at the Coxsackie-Athens High School Auditorium, which is most likely to be a sold out show once again.


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