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Collaboration, Community & Connectivity Combine at WorkSpace in Tannersville, NY

March 22, 2021


Gillian Telling knows the impact COVID-19 has had on the working lives of those around New York. She especially knows how it has affected the Greene County community. As the owner of WorkSpace Tannersville, she provides a quiet and cozy co-working space for those who need it. Located within the heart of Tannersville at 6041 Main Street, she has opened her doors to the young and old looking to get work done away from home.

2 upFor the past 10 years, Gillian and her husband have owned a weekend house in Tannersville. They and their 2 children make time every weekend to come up and enjoy time at Hunter Mountain.

Much like everyone else, COVID-19 changed her family's way of life. Having to work from home while the rest of her family was also there presented challenges. Her original plan of spending more time working from the home in Tannersville didn't work. Poor internet connection on the mountain left her renting other rooms. At times, she even attempted to conduct phone interviews from her car for a chance at better service.

One day, while Gillian was in Tannersville, she noticed an empty antique store for rent from Sean Mahoney. This 3400 sq. ft. space gave her an idea - rent it out and turn it into a co-working space for anyone who needed a place to find a new work routine. She immediately went to work restoring and refitting the space. She spent much of her time and money at local businesses to help build her dream.


Now WorkSpace Tannersville is the place to be! It's a perfect place for those looking for a quiet place to work, a new daily routine, or networking opportunities and new people to meet.

WorkSpace provides a socially-distanced and comfortable co-working space. It is open Monday-Friday, with daily, weekly, and monthly rates. The relaxed environment boasts reliable internet, many workstations, and a privacy room for Zoom calls. There's even a backup generator on hand in case power goes out on the mountain. Everyone there can enjoy free coffee, tea, and snacks, as well as the on-site kitchenette. Since it's centrally located within Tannersville, there are also many great places to eat within walking distance.

Horiz-2-upGillian sees plenty of hope for the future of WorkSpace as well. A post-COVID world could mean the extra flexibility and convenience of co-working spaces becoming the new norm for work life. Her plans for the near future include adding a second privacy room, as well as adding hourly, student, and senior rates. An intuitive website is almost ready to roll out as well, making scheduling time there easier.

Even the simple act of driving down Main Street and seeing a business open until dusk every day is important for our community. Businesses like WorkSpace are crucial for restoring a sense of normalcy to Greene County, and will help us grow stronger together.

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